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Welcome to the A.G. Computer Center

Spare Parts
We stock many Imagesetter, CTP and processor parts, for current pricing, please email or call 201-666-6290.

SPARE PARTS for imagesetters and film processors:

 FIBER Laser Diode Assy. P/N 100016405V02  
  Ryobi Printer Gear Kit  $129.50
 Horizon Mounting Kit  $48.50
 Horizon Transport Belt Kit  $107.00
  INA Bearings P/N F-27991.3   $59.45
  INA Bearings P/N F-211549.1   $51.90
 Horizon Motor Driver PCB  $52.45
 Pro-Face 12V Parker Interface US $315.00
 Head Driver Board P/N 100092797V00  
  Printer Mounting Kit   $79.20
  AC SERVO DRIVER APQ-0.4kW   $292.00
 Parker 12V Compax S PS Model 6554 66 941C-4  US $488.50
 Arm´s clamp motor P/N 100094740V00  
  Ink Fountain Limited Motor Kit  $90.00
 PIOPTR4 Board P/N U1254019-03  
 Varn Press Wash V-253 5 gallon  
 CON-PTR4 Board P/N U1250035-20  
 Ryobi Printer Motor upgrade kit  $110.00
 Horizon International FC-20, SPF-20 Vac-100 spare Parts  
 Drum-in Sensor  US $ 15.00
  32 Channel Head CPU3 P/N 100092796V00  
 Printer brake and Guide Kit  $192.00
  SanMotion AC Servo  $322.00
 Filter Replacement Kit  US $79.00
 Slip Motor SC100-12/00 US $ 96.00
 Printer Valve Filter Kit  US $ 96.45
  Motor for Screen PH58 P/N 100092836V00  
 Extended Plastic Loader Guide (4)  US $34.75
 Supply Servo Motor  US $ 32.00
 Avantra OLP Replenish Empty Sensor P/N 2121Y000101  
 Tail Clumper Unit Screen 6600 P/N 100114303V00  
 Covers for Ryobi Printer (complete set of 3)  $68.00
 Extended Metal Film Guide  $ 63.00
 Ryobi Printer Roller Kit w/ Fuse Breaker  $219.00
 RAD5 Developer 5 Gallon  
 Worm Wheel Gear P/N 87127  
 Reflector cooling element, Gen. 3+ For Basysprint P/N 84868  
 Reflector Kit with O-RINGS fpr Basysprint P/N 80085  
  Odorless Fixer 5 Gallon  
 Processor 24V Motor 16715 replaced by P/N 10020012  
  Screen Photo Sensor P/N 100074706V00  
 SDM Interface Board  US $89.00
 Suction cup loader (5 pc pkg)  US$ 16.80
 Metal Film Guide  US$ 49.00
 Ryobi Motor / Cable assy.  US $29.75
 Rubber Belt Kit  US$ 19.90
 PCI Buffer Board  US$ 115.00
 PCI Video HW Board  US $79.00
 Suction cup unloader (5 pc pkg)  US$ 22.40
 Suction cup loader metal holder   US $ 5.98
 Rubber Washer  US $ 9.90
 Square Plastic Nuts   US$ .30
 Plastic Worm Gear  US $ .45
  Plastic Bearings   US $ .70
  SCSI Print Board LU124-30  US $109.00
 Paper Guide Block  US$ 34.80
 450 model lamp Bulb  US$ 39.00
 DC stepper punch motor   US$ 120.00
  Operator Control Panel Interface   US$ 166.63
 CNC I/O 5/12V P/S module  US$ 378.62
 Avantra Printer Fan  US $ 13.20
  Cone Belt  US $9.90
 Optobox cable   US$ 12.00
 Microjet tubes (24 pc pkg)  US$ 50.68
 Replish pump   US$ 59.95
 USB interface box w/ cable and driver  US$ 129.00
  LD Block
Includes LED Light, Cable & connector
 US $45.00
 Avnatra Cassette  US $249.00
 Parker 12V CMPAX3 P/S module  US$ 438.46
  Focus Step Motor  US $38.00
 Take-Up cassette, model LINO  US$ 150.00
 24V P/S for Elan printer  US$ 79.50
  Glass Fiber Module 11586  US $282.00
 OCP Interface  US $ 166.63
 Damper, (shock absorber), for the Small Door  US $ 132.00
 Auto-Logic Paper out Sensor   US$ 55.00
  SGR Replenishment Pump  US $28.00
 Clamp Bearing ( outer nip retainer Clip )  US $ 90.00
 Level Sensor Assy Wash  US $ 49.00
 Reflektor for 1001 model lamp  US$ 119.00
 Take Up Drive Motor  US$ 200.00
 Dot I/O 5v/24V interface  US$ 198.00
 1001 model Lamp Bulb  US$ 59.00
 Rubber D30x977.5 LONG TAP Roller  US$ 73.00
 PUR, D30x977.5 SHORT TAP Roller  US$ 96.00
 Encoder motor w/ sensor cable  US$ 112.60
 STEP MIRROR MOTOR w/ bearing  US$ 247.40

Accuset Take Up Cassette
Wheel for take up cassette motor for AV 25 CG+C000350001
Accuset Supply Cassette
Capstan Motor for Accuset 1500, 1000 CG+0029870501
Supply Motor Encoder for all Accusets CG+0665960001
Avantra 25 Supply Cassette
Avantra Take Up Cassette 25
Avantra 30 Supply Cassette
Avantra 30 Take Up Cassette
13" Large Capacity Cassette Take Up 5000
16" Large Capacity Cassette Take Up 5000
Overflow pipe, fixer LU+3202Z321901
Overflow pipe,wash LU+3203Z321901
O-ring 19.2x3.0 LU+8181X000800
Worm Gear LU+1221Z010201
Dryer fan LU+0301X001000
Developer Rack LU+3601E210000
Fixer Rack LU+3601E220000
Wash Rack Rapidline 51 LU+3601E230000
Rubber Roller 25.0 15/35 LU+1410Z041404
Heavy Rubber 25 15/35 LU+1414Z241404
Rubber D30x977.5 SHORT TAP Roller
Heating Element 220V 2 x750W LU+0401X000100
Temperature Sensor PT500 Dryer LU+2101Y000401
O-Ring 98.02x3.50 LU+8181X001600
Circulation Pump for Dev + Fix LU+0201X000301
Heating Element 1000/500w 230 Der +Fix Tank LU+2201Y000601
Take Up Drive Motor 0664810006
Ic. Photo Interrupter CG+066721-001
Ic. Interrupter GP1A05 Sensor CG+066719-0001
Photo Interrupter GP2A22 066393-001
Drive. Roller Asy. FS Replc. for Avantra 30 CG+002755-562
Av 30 SGM, CG+002755-556R LUT
H Motor Board, LMB 02 LU+5202Y000100
LUTH Computer Board, LCB 01 LU+6301Y000501
LUTH Rectifier Board,LRB 01 LU+5305Y000101
Bridge Driver Module CG+209686-0502
Servo Drive Motor CG+066486-005
Avantra Supply media sensor CG+066721-002
Lower/Upper Timing Belt 067196-037
Carriage Flex Cable 066714-0303
Carriage Motor Encoder {Analog} 208867-501
Carriage Drive Module P00008-0502
PCBD, SDM, Arrow Assy for the Avantra 30 209287-0503
DEC Digital Engine Controller for Avantra 30 0029960501
Operator Control Panel for the Avantra 25 CG+002525-0570
Accuset 1500 Imager Assy. CG+002710-0553
Vacuum Pump Assy,for Accuset 1500 & 1000 CG+0027750501
cassettes 7000 Take Up 26" 0024790502
Spin Motor 5000 / 7000 CG+002409-0558N 66167-001
Imager Assy Accuset 1200 / 1000 / 800 CG+002473-0553
Avantra 25, (25E) Spin Motor Westwind CG+002919-0502
IEC Board for Accuset 800 002589-0502
Accuset 1000 IEC Board AGFA 2249.00 CG+002589-0501
New Avantre 25, (25E) Spin Motor Speed Ring CG+002919-0501
Accuset Cutter Rotary Paper CG+066492-001
Take Up Motor + Encoder for Accuset 1000 CG+066389-0001
HO FLASH EPROMS ICV (2)-73B2K EB+44011200
coupling nip for accuset 1000 0029260501
Rubber D30x977.5 LONG TAP Roller
Gas Spring (85lbs of force) 0667800004
Servo Band Kit Assy 7000 New CG+0025220501
Mother Board for the SelectSet 5000 7000 2084350502
Supply Roller Assy for Avantra 25 /20 0027010501
Laser Power Supply for AGFA 9600 Imageset or SelectSet 5000 and 7000 2019080501
Cutter timing Belt for SelectSet 5000 , 7000 2062630003
Digital Engine Controller for Avantra 25 CPU 209746-504
Supply Cassette for a Accuset 1000 CG+0024730514
Control Panel for the SelectSet 5000 CG+002409-0521
Laser Assy Fld Replacement w/Power Supply CG+002409-0559
Spin Motor 5000 / 7000 CG+002409-0558
Power Supply SS 5000 7000 CG+0024090570
Bracket Kit for the Supply Motor for Accusets Includes Plastic shelf fpr motor CG+0027110501
Coax cable SMB-SMB 38" 0666130001
Media Transition Module PCBD Assy 7000 CG+205043-0502
PCI Interface Card for a Viper 1.9/ Taipan 2097340501
Cable for a APIS PCI Interface card for a Viper 1.9 674570001
Tensioner Assy for Accuset CG+0024730560
Control Panel Complete for RapiLine 17 LU+0501Y013100
Avantra 30 OLP / Rapidline 28+ Control Panel Board LU+6205Y010200N
Avantra 30 OLP Keyboard Pad Rapid 17 LU+2621X000100
Av 30 SGM 002755-556
Accuset Vacuum switch CG+0673140001
Hinge Assy for the Large Cover of an Accuset CG+206817-001
DEC board for Avantra 25, 44 CG+0032580501
Capstan Motor for an Accuset 1000 0661350001
Jam Sensor Assy for a SelectSet 7000 CG+002409-0578
PCI Interface Card for Viper / Taipan 2.01 CG+0032560503
All Avantra Power Suply CG+0025250555
Field Replacement Follow Encoder Motor for the Avantra 30 0026770501
Spin Motor for the Avantra 25S CG+002974-0555
Accuset 1000 Spin Motor 66583-001
Spin Motor Driver Board for the SelectSet 5000 / 7000205047-0501
DEC Bd for Avantra 44 CG+003258-0504
Cutter Assy for the Avantra 25 and 25S, includes MotorCG+003083-0502
Supply Cassette Motor for the Avantra CG+066486-0002
Spin Motor (Speed Ring ) for Avantra 44S 67552 002944-0501
Gear M=1.5/Z=20/60ohz for the Avantra 44 On Line Processor 44638
DEC Bd for Avantra 44, CG+003268-0501E
Vacuum Pump Assembly 206922-501
DEC Board for the Avantra 25S 30/44S TX+002996-0502
Damper, (shock absorber), for the Small Door on the Avantra 25 CG+0066780-0005
Control Panel for the Accuset 1000 CG+002473-0512
Laser assembly for selectset 7000 New CG+002409-0559
Take Up Motor for the Accuset 1000 CG+066389-001
Molded Cutter Cam for the Accuset 1000 CG+207294-0001
Servo Coupling, TUP Motor for Accuset 066447-0001
Capstan Rollers for the Accuset 1500 CG+206807-0001
Avantra 30 Spin Motor CG+0027550555
Insert Supply Cassette, for the Accuset CG+207469-0001
Auto Cutter Motor for the Accuset CG+066582-0001
Rapidline 37 processor control panel 0530y013100
PCBD, SDM, Arrow Assy for the Avantra 30 CG+0032640501
Left Gear Spindle For Avantra 25 Supply Casette CAP end, ( Jernal Supply Assy ) CG+002933-0501 Right Spindle For Avantra 25, 30 Supply Casette cap end, ( Jernal Spindle Assy ) CG+002933-0502
avantra 25 motor encoder digital CG+002677-501
Clamp Bearing ( outer nip retainer Clip ) 206205-0001
Avantra 44S spin Motor CG+002944-0501
Catch and Keeper for Avantra 25 (2 PCS) CG+066787-0002
Take Up Drive Servo Motor for SelectSet 5000 CG+066023-001
Supply / Take Up Drive Roller for SelectSet 5000 CG+206055-001
Carriage PC Board Kit for Avantra 30 CG+003291-0501
Top Gas Spring, ( pump ) (85lbs of force) CG+066780-0003
Lower & upper drive timing bridge belt Avantra 25 CG+067196-0037
Spot Generation Assy Avntr CG+002525-0556
EM Controller for SelectSet 7000 208465-502
IEC Board for Accuset 1500 CG+002589-0503
Nip Assy CG+002637-0562
PCI Interface Card for Viper / Taipan, 2.01
Carriage Drive Module CG+0032910501
Carriage Encoder for the SS 7000 CG+206913-0501
Bearing for Avantra 25 CG+067263-0001
End Caps CG+207468-0001
9800 Spin Motor CG+002390-0557
Cutter Switch Cable Assy CG+208876-0501
Take Up Drive Motor for the Avantra 25S CG+066481-0002
DEC Board for the Avantra 25S /30/44S CG+002996-0502
Take Up Drive Motor Avantra 30 CG+0664810007
Phoenix Take-Up Cassette CMT81000
Phoenix Supply Cassette CMT7Y000
Carriage Drive PCB CG+0032990502
DC Motor Gear for Avantra 30 CG+066486-0005
Power Supply for Accuset / Avantra CG+066759-0004
Worm Gear For Driveshaft LU+1221Z011503
Gear Wheels LU+1282Z161503
Main Motor SWF 403.933 LU+0104X000500
Power Supply for 5400 & 5800 1340.02
SS 7000 carraige controller board CG+208479-0501 (see 502)
HINGE, Invisible Metal for the Avantra 25/30 CG+066940-0003
PCBD, Dancer, Lynx Assy. (Take Up) tension meter CG+003252-501
CCM A2 PCB Board 7000 Carriage CG+208479-0502
DC Motor Gear for Avantra 44 CG+066486-0004
Sherpa 43 Steel Belt MU+DE-49764C
Vacuum Pump Avantra 44 / 30 CG+C031630501
PCBD, SDM, board Avantra 25 CG+0032030501
Avantra 30 Left End Cap Spindle with Gear CG+002934-0501
Avantra 30 Right End Cap Spindle w/ Wheel CG+002934-0502
30" x 250 HN Matte film 32RSN
Avantra / Phoenix Drum Plenum Filter CG+C00305-002
Avantra 30 Cutter assy CG+002755-0588
Spot Generation Assy Avntr SGM CG+002974-0556
Vacuum Solenoid assy for Accuset 1500 CG+0027750502
Manifold Sensor for Phoenix 2250 CG+067424-002
Avantra 44 Spin Motor Westwind CG+002943-0502
Avantra 30 Cutter Switch Cable Assy. CG+067420-003
PAC PCB Mod Kit Board CG+002846-0506
Avantra 44 Spin Motor Speedring Exchange CG+002943-0501
Avantra Supply Cassette Brake assy CG+C05420-001
Cutting Knife Sensor for Acc1500 CG+066394-0001
Avantra 44 Spot Generator Module SGM ( Laser Diode ) CG+002637-556E
Carriage Motor for Buffer avantra 44 CG+067338-0001
Avantra 44 Cutter assy CG+003027-0563
Timing Belt, 103 teeth CG+059183-0009
Bridge PCB for Avantra CG+209311-0501
5000 Laser Power Supply LV 201908-501
Phoenix OCP module CG+002940-581
Avantra Cutter Motor Assy. CG+002525-550
Gear M=1.5/Z=20/60ohz for the Avantra 44 On Line
ProcessorLU+ 1201Z201503 See 88718
Motor, DC Gear CG+066481-0004
CSDM - Carriage SEnsor Driver Module CG+209283-501 See 209710-502
Gear M=1.5/Z=20/60ohz for the Avantra 44 On Line Processor 88718
Roller Driven Take-Up Accuset CG+207482-0001
Avantra 44S Bridge Buffer Board CG+003272-0501
Avantra 44 12 to 28VDC Tub Axial Fan 094164-0001
CTP Part Xcalib CG+003304-0542
DEC board for Avantra 25 CG+0032580501
Avantra 30 Laser Assy. - SGM Module CG+002775-0556
Galileo Spin Motor 24K CG+0033970501
Phoenix Spin Motor CG+002940-949
Worm Gear For Driveshaft 87172
Gear for LP 150 EB+7589155190
Gear for LP 150 EB+7589156480
Gear for LP 150 EB+7589156490
Disk Left EB+7589156691
Sensor level Assy. EB+8587357101
Sherpa 24M Network Board MU+C12C823914
Buffer Assy for Phoenix 2250 CG+0029400522
Buffer Assy for Phoenix 2250 CG+0029400572
Shaft Drive CG+C000960001
Inertia Wheel CG+C001200001
Ball Bearing CG+0661330002
Flex Coupling CG+002926-0002
Flex Coupling 058050-002 replaced by CG+002926-0002
Cutting Blade MU+RJ8-CBS
Vacuum Pump Motor Sensor CG+0027750501
Temperature Sensor PT500 LU+2101Y000401
Maintenace Station MU+MY-21474
Print Head MU+DE49732
Damper MU+DE49734
Capstan Assy for Accuset 1500, 1000 CG+0029870501
Phoenix Optical Sensor CG+067424-0008
Spot Changer Sensor CG+066390-0107
Rotation Sensor CG+066390-0108
Phoenix 2250 PCB CG+003301-0501
Avantra 44 Left & Right End Cap Spindle CG+002934-05
Shock Gas Spring 25516
Spin Motor for the Avantra 44XT
30,000 RPM CG+002974R
Avantra 30 Flapper Motor CG+002937-0501
Jam Sensor Assy for a SelectSet 7000 CG+002409-0528
Hose Pump DM+5516
Avantra 44 Carriage Assy. Complete Exchange CG+002893-0558E P
ower Supply for Ultre 94e 187344
LD Block Assy DN+U1150073-10
LD Block exchangeing Jig Assy Tool DN+U1154037-00
Trail Edge Clamp Unit U1254024-01
Ring MU+DF-40488
Ink Tube MU+DE-41605
Cartridge Frame MU+DE-49892
Sherpa Head board MU+DE34456
Auto-Logic Power Supply 130W 2Y+3000839-01
Auto-Logic Motor 12V 2Y+3001503-01
Auto-Logic Paper out Sensor 2Y+3005730-01
Auto-Logic Roller Switch 2Y+3001561-01
Auto Cutter Assy. 066492-001 See CGBG6
HorizonPart EB+44010332
Sherpa 43 part MU+EY-80100AG
HO Part EB44010171
Touch Pad - Control panel for 40L DM+170204002
Lower/Upper Timing Belt Avantra 25 Bridge 067196-049
Pulley & Roller Clutch assy CG+066830-002
Motor Punch for SelectSet 5000 7000 CG+066032-001
AV30 Bridge Gas Spring CG+067449-0001
AV25 Bridge Gas Spring CG+066780-0004
Top Gas Spring, ( pump ) (85lbs of force) CG+067405-0001
Cable assy Sherpa MU+DE-41460
Cable assy Sherpa MU+DE-41460
Avantra Drum Latching Knob CG+C00155-0001
DEC board for Avantra 25XT CG+003259-0501
Carriage PCB for Galileo CG+0032810-501
Carriage Control PCBSD for Galileo CG+0032830-501
Spin Motor for Galileo CG+002930-0577
Dec Board for Galileo CG+0032760-502
Oper Control panel for Galileo CG+0032780-501
LIM PCBSD for Galileo CG+0032880-501
Power Supply 24V for Galileo CG+068001-0001
Smart SENS Driver for Galileo CG+0032770501
Refurbished Avantra 44XT with OLP AV44XT
Level Sensor Assy Wash EB+9589100150

AGFA Acento

DN+U1250024-00 Balancer Weight Home
DN+100094417V00 SENSOR ASSEMBLY (Displacement Sensor) PH6
DN+100094418V00 MOTOR (Slow Scan Positioning) M2
DN+100094756V00 M61 Plate side alignment drive motor
DN+100074706V00 PH27 Trailing edge clamp presence detec sensor
DN+100094731V00 M20 Trailing edge clamp motor
DN+100100583V00 DRUM MOTOR M1
DN+100002244V00 POWER SUPPLY (24V_30W) U9
DN+100030735V00 POWER SUPPLY U2_U3 (+-15V_50W)
DN+100065861V00 LRB32E PCB
DN+100085844V00 PCB CON-PTR4XE
DN+100094665V00 POWER SUPPLY U1
DN+100100584V00 AC SERVO PACK
DN+100102594V00 PCB (Pulse Motor Driver M2)
DN+100037697V01 Focus motor driver bd PMD80
DN+100093358V00 (-5V) CONTROL HEAD MOTHER X807 TO U6
DN+100094773V01 CABLE POWER PELTIER (X808)
DN+100095038V00 POWER SUPPLY U( -5V150W)
DN+100094729V00 PH29A-H Sensor front offset home and away
DN+100094736V01 M30H-M30A Motor clamp home and away
DN+100095963V01 Vacuum pump
DN+100092781V00 PH58 Open_Close the operation door switch assy
DN+100092836V00 M58 Motor for operation door
DN+116187 SWITCH MICRO LS58-1_2 & LS80
DN+100094744V00 CLUTCH SL59-1_2
DN+100094748V00 Plate transport motor and Cable
DN+100094751V00 SL53 Rotary solenoid for shutter
DN+100094754V00 M55 DC motor for raising_lowreing the transport path
DN+545259 LS4 A-H Switch limit left-right
DN+62000908 PH2 Scanning origin Sensor
DN+U1254001-00 M2 Pulse motor Assy (secondary mtr)
DN+U1254002-01 PH6 Fly Wheel sensor (displacement sensor)
DN+115388 PH62 Plate edge detection sensor for the punch unit
DN+62000908 PH63 Side align origin sensor
DN+U1254021-00 M61 Plate side alignment drive motor
DN+110411 PH27 Trailing edge clamp presence detec sensor
DN+100001077V00 PH21 Sensor Trailing edge in
DN+U1254008-00 M20 Trailing edge clamp motor
DN+U1254009-00 M24 Motor clamp hook release
DN+100028263V00 M1 AC servo Motor
DN+U1254004-00 ENC1 Rotary Encoder cable assy
DN+U1254006-00 PH29A-H Sensor front offset home and away
DN+U1254007-00 M30H-M30A Motor clamp home and away
DN+4-65223005-0 S0 Switch main
DN+151656 TH1 Temperature sensor
DN+100004137V00 Support for Control Panel with L50_100_300
DN+100012677V00 Switch with key S1
DN+100014218V00 Operation Key for interlocks Straight
DN+100014219V00 Operation Key for interlocks in right Angle
DN+100022903V00 LS56 Switch Interlock Operation Door
DN+100072639V00 Vacuum pump
DN+100101069V00 Resistor Assy Kit (for motor M20-M55)
DN+U1254054-00 LS57-1_2_3_4 Interlock Switch
DN+U1254052-00 M58 Motor for operation door
DN+U1254053-00 PH58 Open_Close the operation door switch assy
DN+62000907 PH50 Plate pass sensor on the plate-loading path
DN+62000907 PH54 Plate pass sensor on the plate transport path
DN+62000907 PH70 AT unit plate detection sensor
DN+62000908 PH56 Transport path change upper limit sensor
DN+62000908 PH57 Transport path punch position sensor
DN+U1254012-00 M55 DC motor for raising_lowreing the transport path
DN+U1254016-00 SL53 Rotary solenoid for shutter
DN+152122 Blower unit freq inverter L100
DN+86401682-01 Cable Assy blower connector (inside Acento)
DN+U1254034-00 Blower unit
DN+100100496V00 Blower unit freq inverter L100
DN+86401386-00 LD short connector jig
DN+U1154038-00 Head handle

AGFA Avalon LF

CG+068777-0017 CalSensor cable
CG+09436101040 Cable intermediate Memocom – Progress Light
CG+067263-0001 Ball Bearing
CG+0034700501 Carriage motor
CG+0035960501 BCM
CG+0039050501 Carriage Rail Wiper Mod Kit
CG+0688970007 Carriage Encoder Module (Read Head)
CG+0037780501 Conveyor Static Brush Kit
CG+0688740003 Cover Latch
CG+0688740004 Cover keeper
CG+0688740007 Cover catch with microswitch
CG+0943810001 Plate present sensor 15
CG+0688740003 Front Cover Catch
CG+0688740004 Front Cover Keeper
CG+0034710501 Drum motor with service tool (Stator only)
CG+0039690501 Optical Encoder Field Repl ModKit
CG+0954290001 Abrasive Sponge Pad
CG+DGS35-2KZ0-S01 Stegmann Encoder Digital
CG+003989-0501 Memocom RoHs
CG+003990-0501 ACBII RoHs
CG+003992-0501 Sim Bd P000880501 RoHs
CG+0033150501 Sim Bd P000880501
CG+0034770501 Sol Sim Bd
CG+0038280501 ACB II
CG+0038290501 Big Sys
CG+0038300501 Memocom
CG+0038790501 Dongle Azura
CG+0039910501 BIGSYS PCB Kit RoHs
CG+0039920502 SIMM PCB (JLA Picker Motor) P000880502 RoHs
CG+0682050002 K1&K2 Relays
CG+0685020001 K5 Relay
CG+0688190001 IPS
CG+0951470001 Power Supply
CG+5004500001 K3&K4&K7 Relays
CG+C129720001 Inflatable Seal
CG+0689121245 Solenoid
CG+0954010001 Filter, Charcoal
CG+0954170001 Pre-Filter
CG+C153790001 Air Deflector
CG+C153880001 Vacuum Generator Assembly
CG+C154210001 Silencer
CG+C154330001 ACS Head Assembly
CG+0681930001 Fan (Black cover)
CG+0687730015 Fan (Electronic Enclosure)
CG+0687860003 Fan filter (3,15inch-8,0001cm)
CG+0688980005 Fan filter(white) rear cover
CG+0688980008 Fan filter rear cover without black cover
CG+0031530512 Filter Air and Water
CG+0031530513 Filter Air
CG+0038610501 Pressurization Kit
CG+0037000578 Afim Non Anex
CG+0037550501 Water Line Kit
CG+0038180501 Laser Power Supply
CG+0038190501 Mag Motor Assy
CG+0038200501 Autofocus Motor
CG+0038610501 Pressurization Kit
CG+0039860502 Imager Sealing Modkit
CG+0040430501 Serial Plumbed Imagers mod kit (shipped with new imager (cut in OB2875))
CG+0040430501 Serial Plumbed Imagers mod kit [shipped with new imager (cut in OB2875)]
CG+0040530501 Pelvis Grounding Kit
CG+0040660501 Positive pressure kit
CG+0683540001 Water female quick connect
CG+0931870001 Laser Safety Relay
CG+0948750001 GLV Flex Circuit (orange flat cable)
CG+0950370001 Mag Motor Sensor
CG+066719-0001 Sensor 8&9
CG+066721-0002 Input-Output Sensor 11&7
CG+094381-0001 Input-Output Sensor (Reflective) (11 and 7)
CG+0034520503 Output Nip Motor 24v
CG+0034730502 Engine Status Light Assy. (Grey)
CG+0688530001 Flapper Pneumatic Air Cylinder
CG+0946300001 Input Roller Pneumatic Air Cylinder
CG+C104210001 New Flapper Flag (cut in sn 3315)
CG+061192-0006 Magnet
CG+066719-0001 Sensor 1&2
CG+0576470003 Bearing
CG+0688420001 Iron Air Cylinder
CG+C097870001 Iron Roller
CG+066719-0001 Mca Sensor 5&6
CG+067424-0014 Optical switch
CG+0688530001 Air Cylinder Latch_Release
CG+0034280505 JLA Solenoid Bank
CG+0689170004 Pressure Sensor
CG+0689170005 Pressure Sensor
CG+0952470001 Punch Solenoid Bank (Wiring included)
CG+0954560002 Oil filter element on new Pneumatic Bracket
CG+0688720001 Air Regulator gauge
CG+0949000001 Three Air Filter mod kit
CG+0039560501 Centralizer Mtr
CG+0943810001 Centralizer Home Sensor
CG+0951880006 Punch, Bacher 425-780 Left
CG+0951880007 Punch, Bacher 425-780 Right
CG+0951880011 Punch, Bacher_Komori Compound Right
CG+0951881001 Shim, Config 2, (.010inch shim)
CG+0951881002 Shim, Config 3, (.020inch shim)
CG+0952470001 Valve Stack
CG+0952532016 Sensor, Magnetic Reed
CG+0952540001 Brush Assy
CG+0952550008 Pin Locating
CG+0953220002 Connector, Bottom Pneumatic
CG+C148930001 Punch Seal center Bracket
CG+067826-0001 Service By-Pass Switch and Key
CG+067961-0001 Emergency Stop Button
CG+067961-0002 Emergency Stop Switch
CG+0686980006 Interlock (small-Flex Actuator) S7
CG+0686980009 Interlock (small) S2-S3-S4-S5-S6
CG+0940820002 Plate Loading Button
CG+0950320023 SlipSheet Detector Amplifier
LP+0950320026 Slipsheet detector sensor


CG+P004720501 RSD board with jumper in location J3, 2nd row
CG+0932760103 Check valve
CG+0943291086 Solenoid valve, humphrey, w-conn, 3 way Arm up_down
CG+0943450013 Fitting, 1-4 with 1.5MM fixed orifice Flow limiter at each end of rodless cylinder
CG+0943520003 Filter, breather vent For arm up_down val
CG+0948640001 Flow control regulator Regulator
CG+0950430001 Photo interrupter reflective 15mm Plate sens
CG+0950470001 Led indicator green 195A1351UC EAO
CG+0950480001 Emergency stop actuator 61-9970.0 EAO
CG+P004720501 Sensor driver board (RSD)
CG+0035620553 COB Imager
CG+0035960501 BCM
CG+0037680578 Afim Non Anex
CG+0038190501 Mag Motor Assy
CG+0038640578 Afim Anex
CG+0950370001 Mag Motor Sensor
CG+44712 Emergency stop switch
CG+0940100001 Interlock, mechanical standard
CG+0689330001 Power supply, 24 volt, for fans, light curtain, main air
CG+0689370001 Power supply, 24 volt for interlocks
CG+0689390001 On_Off switch, main power circuit breaker
CG+SMT01 Interlock delay timer
CG+0038190501 Mag Motor Assy
CG+0689780001 Main air assembly (solenoid, regulator, gauge, bracket)
CG+0689820001 Sensor, air pressure
CG+0689830001 Sensor, vacuum
CG+0945980001 Air solenoid assembly, main, solenoid only
CG+0945980002 Air solenoid assembly, main, gauge only
CG+ 0956180001 VLF Positive pressure fans Filter
CG+40k80043301 Input tray, plate release Pivot
CG+0689860001 Sensor, input tray, plate present
CG+0689720001 Roller air cylinder
CG+0033740502 CPU
CG+0033760501 Rotary
CG+0033770501 Linear
CG+0040550001 Input Air Improvement Mod Kit
CG+0949000001 Three Air Filter mod kit
CG+554149 Fan filter Motion Chassis
CG+0689270001 Rotary dumper
CG+0689280001 Rotary drive amplifier
CG+0689290001 Linear drive amplifier
CG+0689310001 AC filter
CG+0689320001 Dumper relay
CG+0033960501 Temperature sensor board
CG+0689340001 Fan for rotary drive motor
CG+20K80061402 Dumper assy (GLV)
CG+25-213-40-2L Vacuum Gauge
CG+0932920001 Becker SV7 (new)
CG+0932920002 Becker SV7_300-1
CG+0685930006 Power Cord (engine – chiller)
CG+0687130008 Filter Element 5 um with
CG+0687130007 Filter Housing
CG+0687130010 Air Filter Element
CG+0687130013 DI Water Filter
KF+APL0008GR001 Park Latch Assy
KF+EA0072 ON_OFF start button indicator lamp
KF+EA0164 Interlock Back Door Access (red part,use this part for all five interlocks)
KF+EP0002 Sola power supply SDN5-24-100
KF+ES0035 Sensor PML53 (inside Park Cassette Latch Assy)
KF+ES0073 Photo electric transmitter, Efector, OJ5008
KF+MX0929 Pump, lift table, 2512106 (on Motor M1)
KF+MX0931 Limit switch, lift table, 3040406
KF+MX0932 Motor w-M23A thermostat, lift table , 10016214 (motor M1)
KF+PC0029 Air cylinder 437 DNS-1 (Plate Door)
KF+PV0200 Solenoid (Bank 4)
KF+MX0543 Paper Door Latch Door Assy SC-4350
KF+PV001 Solenoid (Bank 3)
KF+PV0049 Solenoid (Bank 1)
KF+PV0200 Solenoid (Bank 2)
CG+0952980001 Paper Gripper Motor
LP+0933290115 New Paper Gripper Motor
CG+0040520501 Exit Shroud Plate Guide
CG+0040780501 Secondary Roller Table Air-Tube mod kit (Left hand PM)
KF+ES0003 Vacuum switch, NZSE2-T1-15C
KF+ES0007 Sensor Gripper Home BES 516-329-BO0C5
KF+MX0543 Reid latch
KF+P1LN025DYN Air cylinder, (plate picker extend)
KF+PC0549 Air cylinder L-7-X-ESM (Gripper air foil updown)
KF+PC0595 Air cylinder E-5-EPM (Pusher)
KF+PC0603 Air cylinder437DVS -3.00
CG+C132760001 GLV-BCM Cal Module Height Set Tool
CG+C118700001 Mushroom pin location tool (on the trail edge clamp to the magnet key hole)
CG+C118710001 Magnet housing support location alignment tool
CG+C132770001 GLV Spring Tool
CG+JMG041201-Ti Service adjustment tool (Gal)
CG+P005800501 12v bypass connector
CG+P004720501 RSD board with jumper in location J3, 2nd row
CG+P004720501 Sensor driver board (RSD)
CG+0950480001 Emergency stop actuator 61-9970.0 EAO
CG+0948640001 Flow control regulator Regulator
CG+0950430001 Photo interrupter reflective 15mm Plate sensor
CG+0035620553 COB Imager
CG+0035960501 BCM
CG+0037680578 Afim Non Anex
CG+0038190501 Mag Motor Assy
CG+0038640578 Afim Anex
CG+0950370001 Mag Motor Sensor
CG+44712 Emergency stop switch
CG+0940100001 Interlock, mechanical standard
CG+0689370001 Power supply, 24 volt for interlocks
CG+0689330001 Power supply, 24 volt, for fans, light curtain, main air
CG+0689390001 On_Off switch, main power circuit breaker
CG+SMT01 Interlock delay timer
CG+0689720001 Roller air cylinder

AGFA Galileo
CG+003139-0501 Drive Motor Brake Assy
CG+0680650001 Alimentation 24v for maintenance
CG+0032780501 OCP Board
CG+207620-0501 Fan
CG+0032880501 LIM Board
CG+002930-0566 Registration Pin Trolley
CG+066721-0002 Carriage Park Sensor
CG+067764-0001 Drum Fan
CG+0031510502 Vacuum Box (low cost)
CG+0032770501 SSDM Board
CG+0032800501 Vacuum Sensor Board
CG+0679500001 Drum Filter
CG+0031370502 Drive Motor
CG+0029300579 Manifold (Low Cost)
CG+0031590501 Registration Pin Assy
CG+067253-0004 Carriage Home Sensor(Right)
CG+067253-0009 Carriage Home Sensor (Left)
CG+0032840501 Temp.-Humidity Board
CG+0032900501 Encoder Spring Pre-Load Kit
CG+0678620001 Carriage Bearing Assy
CG+C06989-0501 Encoder Motor
CG+067716-0001 Safety Interlock
CG+067826-0001 Interlock Override Switch (key + switch)
CG+0676560001 Leveling Pad (foot)
CG+003146-0501 Adjustable Row Motor Assy
CG+003147-0501 Pivot Peel Motor Assy
CG+003148-0501 Main Drive Motor Assy
CG+003149-0501 Manifold Motor
CG+066719-0001 Picker Home Sensor (Sensor 2)
CG+066721-0002 Picker Safe Sensor
CG+209968-0503 Solenoid Valves
CG+0032220501 Cup Height Emitter
CG+0032800501 Vacuum Sensor Board
CG+207620-0501 Fan
CG+0034750501 New Power Supply
CG+0034750502 PS1 Power Resistor 50w 30 ohms 1%
CG+0944040001 PS1 Power Supply
CG+066719-0001 Photo Interrupt Sensor
CG+0029300561 Carriage Green Assy
CG+0032760502 Dec
CG+0032810504 Carriage Board
CG+0685600002 Laser power supply & diodes
CG+0031530507 CCB board
CG+0033120561 Spectra Carriage assembly (Crate=1260x800x900mm-118kg)
CG+0033970501 Spin motor (24 k)
CG+0034270501 Laser Head (Crate=1840x490x570mm-30kg)
CG+0032760504 Dec board
CG+0033180564 Laser assembly (5mW) remplaced by Laser Modkit 60mW
CG+0033180577 Spin motor
CG+0033180588 Edge sensor
CG+0033850501 Carriage board
CG+0038090501 Adapter Control Signal
PE+0032830502 4 C bd (CCCB)
PE+0035170564 Laser 60mW
EB+068027-0150 Elevator motor drive mod kit
EB+0680270004 Cassette Present Sensor U9, Cassette Latched Sensor U10, Slip-Sheet Jam Sensor U8
EB+0680270005 Solenoid Assy. – Large Solenoid (K5) on Slip-Sheet Remover Mechanism
EB+0680270007 Media Detect Board – PC board A3 on Slip-Sheet Remover Mechanism
EB+0680270008 87C52 CPU Module – PC board A2 in Electronic Enclosure
EB+0680270009 System Interface Board – PC board A1 in Electronic Enclosure
EB+0680270010 Output Module – PC board A8 in Electronic Enclosure
EB+0680270011 230V DAC Module – PC board A5 in Electronic Enclosure
EB+0680270013 SSR Valves & Regulator Assy. – Complete assembly that includes Solenoid K5, Solenoids K6, K7, K9, Regulator, Air filter
EB+0680270013 SSR Valves & Regulator Complete Assy
EB+0680270014 solenoids K6, K7, K9, K10, K11, K12, K13, K14 or K15.
EB+0680270015 Sensor Cup Assembly – On Slip-Sheet Remover Mechanism
EB+0680270017 Motor (B5) & Guard Weldment – Slip-Sheet Remover Mechanism Motor
EB+0680270023 Regulator – Regulator above Slip-Sheet Remover Mechanism
EB+0680270025 Air Filter – Air Filter above and behind Slip-Sheet Remover Mechanism
EB+0680270028 Drive Motor – Main Elevator Motor B1
EB+0680270030 Handler Safety Stop – Emergency Stop S11
EB+0680270032 Motor Controller – PC board A12 in Electronic Enclosure
EB+0680270033 Sensor – A10-U1, A10-U2, A10-U3, A10-U4. U12.U11.U13.
EB+0680270034 Pull Roll Motor – Slip-Sheet Remover Roller Motor B4
EB+0680270036 Signal Light Bulb – Bulbs for top yellow lights
EB+0680270037 24 VDC Power Supply – PC board A11 in Electronic Enclosure
EB+0680270038 5 VDC Power Supply – PC board A4 in Electronic Enclosure
EB+0680270039 Safety Relay – K1 & K2 in Electronic Enclosure
EB+0680270040 Cassette Door Interlock S12 Slip-Sheet Door Interlock S13
EB+0680270040 Door A, B Interlock – Cassette (Pizza) Door A Interlock S12. Slip-Sheet Door B. Interlock S13. EB+0680270042 Interlock Serv. Bypass Key-Switch – Key-Switch S14
EB+0680270043 Gas Spring (upper B Cover) – Shocks on cover above Slip-Sheet cover
EB+0680270053 Bimba Cylinder for Cassette (Pizza) Door
EB+0680270053 Bimba Cylinder, Cassette (Pizza) Door – Air cylinder mounted behind Cassette (Pizza) door. EB+0680270059 Wheel, table Guide – Table wheels on corners of tables
EB+0680270078 Caster – Wheels at bottom of Plate Manager
EB+0680270081 Cup Assembly – Slip-Sheet cups
EB+0680270079 Plastic Body Reflector – Sensor reflector for cassette out of table
CG+P001520503 PCD
TX+080206-0501 Offset Rachet Set (Chapman set)
TX+78047-003 OPTICAL PAD (Box)
CG+092824-0001 LUBRICATING OIL (seringe) AGFA Xcalibur45
CG+0683760310 APIS hotlink to off carriage cable
CG+066721-0002 Sensor (15)
CG+0686720003 Drum Encoder PCB Magnetic
CG+C091220001-2-3-4 Registration Pin Alu
CG+C126970001-2-3-4 Registration Pins
CG+0031610503 OLP interface board (P00244-503)
CG+0032880502 External drum laser interface module (EDLIM)
CG+0034130502 Off-carriage board
CG+0034780501 IPS (Automotion) connector board (ACB)
CG+0035010501 MMM (MCM)
CG+0035430501 X45 Dongle cable
CG+0035440501 X45S Dongle
CG+0684450002 LVPS
CG+0685020001 Relay (K5)
CG+0687710001 Auxiliary power supply (Top of IPS)
CG+0688190001 IPS (Automation) controller
CG+5004500001 Relay (K3, K4, K7)
CG+0034580501 Fix Clamp hinge assy
CG+0033040573 Optics bed
CG+0033040578 New Illumination (AFIM)
CG+0034720501 External Drum carriage module (EDCM)
CG+0034740501 Illuminator Module
CG+0685420002 Optics Power Supply
CG+0940850001 Flow Rate sensor
CG+C06982-504 Mag Stepper mtr
CG+094381-0001 IO sensor (11 and 7)
CG+0034500501 Input Nip Motors
CG+0941570001 Input Roller Pneumatic Air Cylinder (sn under 500)
CG+0034280501 Pneumatic box assembly
CG+0689170005 New Pressure Sensor
CG+065284-0002 Circuit Breaker
CG+0686980004 Delay Interlock
CG+0686980008 Interlock (small-Customer Access) S7
CG+0688960001 Interlock (Large-Motion Detection) S1-S2
CG+0688960002 Interlock (Large-Flex Actuator) S1-S2
CG+066719-0001 Sensor (5 et 6)

AGFA XcaliburVLF

CG+0683540005 Water connect Female
CG+0683540006 Water connect Male
CG+0687130008 Filter Element 5 um
CG+0687130010 Air Filter Element
CG+0687130013 DI Water Filter
CG+0667210002 Cassette Latch sensor Right (sensor 40)
LP+C112320001 Vertical plate top edge latch
LP+C112400001 Horizontal plate side guide latch
CG+C101060001 Garnish Plate Left
CG+C101070001 Garnish Plate Right
CG+0667190002 Cassette Docked-Undocked sensor (19-18)
CG+0942070001 Docking Station Motor Belt
CG+003992-0501 Sim Bd P000880501 RoHs
CG+003994-0501 SIMM PCB, Hi current (P004080501) RoHs
CG+0035010502 MCM board
CG+0037360501 4 SIMM PCB, Hi current (P004080501)
CG+0037580501 Low Voltage Power Supply 24 V (G2)
CG+0037590501 Housekeeping Power Supply +12, -12, 5, -5 (G1)
CG+0037610501 Power Supply 120 VDC, 7A Unregulated
CG+0039890501 MEMOCOM PCB Kit
EB+0942940002 K5 Relay
EB+0944640015 Fan 24V DC
CG+0036790501 Elevator Motor (Servo 1)
CG+0038030501 Elevator Motor Brake
CG+0667190002 Elevator sensor Home (15)
CG+0943340001 Slide mtr Drive Belt
CG+0943790001 Motor Control Amplifier
CG+0943810001 ID Reader Sensor
CG+0943830001 Elevator Brake
CG+0945950001 Shunt Regulator (Reverse Energy Dissipator)
EB+0038450501 Slide Motor drive shaft pinned with coupler
EB+0944160001 Coupling (Servo mtr 1)
PE+C099440001 Coupling Slide mtr
CG+0036910501 Air cylinder (Input Nip Rollers)
CG+0036920501 Centralizer Motor assembly (Servo 7)
CG+0667190002 Centralizer Home (25)
CG+0667190002 Input Conv sensor Down (27)
CG+0689121025 Solenoid 12 V Input Assy. Nip Roller
CG+067961-0002 Emergency Stop Switch
CG+0945030004 Interlock Side panels (3 per)
CG+0945030008 Interlock (Cass. Loading Door) (1 per)
CG+0036860501 L-Bridge Roller Drive Motor (Servo 4)
CG+0036870501 L-Bridge Belt Drive Motor (Servo 2)
CG+0689121246 Solenoid 12 V (sol 2)
CG+0943810001 Sensor Lbridge Plate Present (30)
EB+0036640601 Second Output Sensor Mod Kit (cut in 918)
CG+066721-0002 Lag Arm Plate Detect sensor (9)
CG+094381-0001 Lag Arm Plate Detect sensor (9)
CG+0036820501 Lag Arm, Nip Drive Motor Assembly (Servo 7)
CG+0667190002 Lag Arm Down sensor (16)
CG+0667190002 Lag Arm Up sensor (17)
CG+0941570001 Nip rollers Lag Arm (Sol11) (2 per Arm)
CG+0943291045 Solenoid 24V (Sol 14)
CG+066721-0002 Lead Arm Plate Detect sensor (25)
CG+094381-0001 Lead Arm Plate Detect sensor (25)
CG+0036810501 Lead motor (Servo 2)
CG+0667190002 Lead Arm Up sensor (21)
CG+0674240002 Lead Arm Down sensor (20)
CG+C138000001 Solenoid Bank Assy. (SN 135 and Up)
EB+0942750041 Power Cable Lead Motor (Servo 2)
CG+0941570001 Nip rollers Lead Arm (Sol 14) (2 per Arm)
CG+0943291045 Solenoid 24V (Sol 11)
EB+0680190004 Tinnerman Ball Stud
CG+094381-0001 Peeler UP sensor (12)
CG+0943291041 Solenoid 24V (Peeler Sol 3)
CG+C115880001 Spring Flat (SS capture)
CG+C131880001 Spring (SS Capture Roller)
CG+056461-0005 Slipsheet Remover Drive Belt
CG+0036850501 SS Remover -Transport motor assembly (Servo)
CG+0038440501SS Remover Nip Roller Motor (Gear 2 Mtr)
CG+0667190002 SS Retriver Home sensor (24)
CG+0943291046 Solenoid 24V (Sol SS Remover-Retrieval Nip Rollers
CG+0943610056 Encoder Cable for SS transport Mtr. (Servo)
CG+0946140001 Spring (4 per)
CG+0946150001 Air Cylinder for Nip Rollers sol 9
EB+0952970111 Sensor Receiver 23
EB+0952970211 Sensor Emitter 23
CG+0943810001 Conveyor Plate Detect Sensor (11)
EB+0664320023 Top Conveyor Pulley Motor (Servo 6)
EB+0943000002 Continous Belt (center orange)
CG+0683430034 BDM Cable extended
CG+0683440001 BDM
CG+C127240001 VCP roller Alignment Tool
CG+C132460001 MCA removal T Tools
CG+0035830551 Drive motor module, VLF automation
CG+0034990501 Mod kit conveyor slow down
CG+0039280001 Motor, Transport Belt Mod kit
DW+21109097 Gas Shock
CG+0035300501 Lower side door assy, left
CG+0035300502 Lower side door assy, right
CG+0034480578 New Illumination (AFIM)
CG+0035550501 VGP Board
CG+0035590501 Circuit breaker, internal
CG+0035620551 GLV laser head
CG+0940850001 Flow rate sensor
CG+0033630564 Magnet, trail edge clamp
CG+0033740501 CPU
CG+0033780501 Apis to LVDS
CG+0036040501 ADB Board for PM
CG+0033940501 Progress light pcb (include green plastic & hardware)
CG+0932920001 Vacuum pump

DN+151175 Pad Transport Motor Driver PMD91
DN+151175 Plate Transport Motor Driver PMD92
DN+1104897 Terminal XT91
DN+1117120 Relay KA91
DN+1151166 Noise filter Z90
DN+62000908 Sensor Pad Limint PH91-1
DN+62000908 Sensor Pad Transport Home PH91
DN+100010908V00 Power Supply (5v-24v) U91
DN+100013622V00 Surge protect board SRGE
DN+100039337V01 Optical Amplifier PH92-1
DN+100039337V01 Optical Sensor + Amplifier PH92-1
DN+100039455V00 Cable Autoloader (between engine and L50) X115
DN+100047564V00 CON-SALe PCB (sans Flashrom)
DN+110003285V03 Safty cover door switch LS94-2
DN+1100012677V00 Key switch
DN+1100039451V00 Terminal XT90
DN+100039290V01 Plate Pad Rotation motor M98
DN+100039345V00 Plate transport motor M92
DN+100025541V00 Vacuum Sensor P101
DN+100039261V00 Vacuum Pump Assy VP100

AGFA L100/300

DN+106876 Plate pad home position sensor PH91-1
DN+106876 Plate pad middle position sensor PH91-2
DN+110411 Interleaf detection sensor 1 PH90
DN+115972 Interleaf pad home position sensor PH98-1
DN+117120 Interlock Relay KA90
DN+117120 Pump Relay KA91
DN+151175 Bridge mtr PCB plate transport PMD92
DN+151175 Plate pad mtr PCB PMD91
DN+152105 Power suppy 24 v (150W) U90
DN+100002244V00 Power suppy 24 v (30W) U91
DN+100002247V00 Plate underside interleaf detect sensor amplifier PH92-1
DN+464007002-00 Bridge section cover interlock LS94-2
DN+U1154500-00 CON SALe
DN+100003743V00 Interleaf pad mtr M98
DN+100200449V00 Gear Head Unit plate pad
DN+U1154501-00 Plate pad mtr M91
DN+U1154503-00 Interleaf discharge mtr M90
DN+100002093V00 Big Suction Cup Plate Pad
DN+100008058V00 Small Suction Cup for Plate Pad only Rubber
DN+100018283V00 Big Suction Cup for Plate Pad only Rubber
DN+117120 Power relay KA301


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